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Our Mission

Our lives are being transformed by technology allowing everyone to access enormous amount of data and enjoy futuristic innovations that save lives, equalize wealth and take our everyday lives into the future.

Development accelerator

Qt enables our customers to bring their future visions alive by building successful products through the global Qt community. The success of Qt in this rising demand fuels our company growth. As a result, we can better nurture the growth and invest in the personal growth of everyone as members of the Qt family as well as individual digital citizens living in the new, futuristic digital era. Our mission is being the development accelerator that closes the gap between the amount of devices and developers.

Design Principles

How to design for Qt


The Future is Written with Qt

Touch screens expanding everywhere

Qt is used to create software, and especially user experiences

Seamless User Experience across all devices

Software built with Qt works in all end user devices, it's cross-platform

Need to reach markets faster and more cost efficiently

Qt is a powerful software framework that helps ou reach your markets faster

Software platforms and control of data and ecosystem

Qt is used to create these software platforms and ecosystems


What we believe in

Innovation guides the way we work and encourages our people to think boldly and to take initiative.
Pursuing creative ideas that change the world is our competitive advantage and permeates throughout our culture.

Innovation is in our DNA. Our product is revolutinary and we continue to strive fasdaor excellence and exceed market exepectations.

Our technology and our people are changing the way the world interacts with products. Global companies value Qt to future proof their technlogical strategy and create world-class solutions.

We believe that diverse backgrounds are enriching our company’s culture. We foster learning and sharing of ideas to build a collaborative and fun working environment.

We support our customers in their technology choices and partner closely with them offering consultation and support. We bring together our customers, engineers and designers to improve our ultimate performance.

With our extensive partner network, our customers receive local support, training and expertise throughout the process. Our partners provide the building blocks for our customers to create smarter digital experiences.

We seek what is best for Qt rather than ourselves.

We maintain open, honest interaction and build relationships on trust.

We at Qt are transparent as ever including exchanging ideas and communicating with different stakeholders. We host many platforms to influence and engage in active dialogue.

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